Patient Participation Group

Mundesley Medical Centre has a Patient Participation Group (PPG) which meets at The Church Rooms in Mundesley twice a year. We discuss issues that directly affect the surgery and healthcare in Norfolk.

We constantly strive to improve our services and are very grateful for the valuable contribution that our members provide.

If you would like some further information about what is involved, you can use our ask the reception a question form. You can use our online Patient Participation Group Registration form to sign up.

What does the Patient Participation Group (PPG) do?

Patient Participation was introduced by the NHS to enable patients to play an active role in developing local healthcare services. The Patient Participation Group at Mundesley Medical Centre gives patients the opportunity to contribute their ideas for improving the services offered. The group works with the practice on a variety of issues, such as:

  • Acting in an advisory capacity for future surgery plans,
  • Improving communication between patients and the practice,
  • Providing a patient perspective on suggestions that benefit the practice,
  • Assisting with patient satisfaction questionnaires,
  • Forming action plans to address patient concerns,
  • Representing the practice at specific events,
  • Provide the practice with practical support to implement changes.

Why should I join the Patient Participation Group?

As a member of the Patient Participation Group you will have the opportunity to influence the decisions that affect your own healthcare. You will learn about the ongoing changes within the NHS and at the practice that may affect your healthcare. If you would like to be part of a friendly group of fellow patients working together to share ideas and help improve the services offered at the practice, then you might like to think about joining the Patient Reference Group.

If I join, what is involved?

Our PRG meets 3 times a year and meetings are held weekday mornings.

We often have guest speakers which the group has found very beneficial. At these meetings you will have the opportunity to raise any general issues about healthcare services.

In addition there are opportunities to meet members from other PPG’s at events such as the Patient Conference, which will give you a broader perspective on health related matters.

Members are occasionally asked to volunteer for special projects such as the practice open evening, an idea which originated from the PPG.

I would like to join the group but cannot attend meetings, is there an alternative?

We are pleased to be able to invite patients with online access to join our Virtual Patient Participation Group. Members of the virtual group do not attend meetings but receive copies of the minutes and can request specific issues be raised at PRG meetings.

Sign Up

You can use our online Patient Participation Group Registration form to sign up.