Healthcare Team

Nurse Practitioner

An experienced Registered Nurse, who has undertaken extensive post Registration Education and training, to be able to Independently practice to an advanced level. All of Mundesley Medical Centre’s Nurse Practitioners hold Independent prescribing qualifications and are responsible for managing patients with long term conditions. They can also assess and treat patients with acute medical problems.

Physician Associate

Physician Associates are Advanced Clinicians who work closely with the doctors. They hold Post-Graduate Clinical Assessment Qualifications. They have Advanced Clinical consultation skills which means they are able to work as independent clinicians with the assessment and management of acute and long term conditions. .

Practice Nurse

Experienced Registered Nurses with specialist skills in primary care such cervical screening and immunisations.

Healthcare Assistant

A clinician who assists the clinical team with clinical duties such dressings, phlebotomy and blood pressure monitoring.

Health and Wellbeing Coach

A specially trained clinician who can help patients improve their life style. Our Heath & Wellbeing Coach also assists the clinical team with some HCA duties as part of holistic approach to patients.


A specialist clinician in taking blood samples and warfarin monitoring.