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                                                                                                                                                                                           Back in March and September 2017 a group of Receptionists from all over North                                                                 Norfolk, who all work in General Practice were invited to attend ‘The Signposting Workshops’.

This project was created and led by our very own Dr Kemp and Practice Manager                                                               Linda Marquis. Those who attended the workshops discussed something called                                                                            Signposting, which is when receptionists advise patients to go to another organisation                                                              for advice or treatment. An example of this would be if a patient had tooth pain and                                                    requested to see a Doctor, a receptionist would advise the patient to go to the dentist.

During  the workshops the receptionists were able to share experiences from their practices, including their successes, worries and any attempts at signposting that may not have been to successful.

The workshops where a complete success with a great turnout. This showed how much it meant for the receptionists to have this unique opportunity to take ownership over their work. The input was vital to the success of the project and the initial feedback showed that the receptionists enjoyed meeting each other and discussing how they signpost patients already and will do more in the future to help patients get the best service we can give.

Please click here to see North Norfolk's Signposting video for information for patients. Or please click the video below.