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We will register you with the practice and you may see any member of the clinical team for an appointment.

If you ask for an appointment which cannot wait until the next routine appointment, we will most likely ask you to be seen in the emergency clinic.  The senior nurse or a doctor runs this clinic.  If you have a long-standing problem, it is not appropriate for the emergency clinic.  We can often deal with your requests for prescriptions and sick notes by phone.


All doctors, including locum's, will have your records available during the consultation.  Our doctors appointments tend to be for routine matters that another member of the team cannot deal with. We ask that you book one appointment to discuss each individual problem you have. This is so the doctor has time to spend concentrating on each issue, without having to rush and possibly miss any details.


To continue to improve patient care you may be asked some questions to enable us to make the most appropriate appointment for your needs. If you would like to speak in private, we can offer you a side room to speak one to one with a member of our reception team.


To book an appointment click


For Home Visits please click here.

Telephone Appointments

We offer telephone appointments with most clinicians which can be booked in advance. For GPs  these can be booked online.


For information on home visits click here

Bacton Surgery

We have a branch surgery on Coast Road in Bacton. We provide a limited number of doctor appointments at 11.15am on alternate Wednesdays starting from 1st July 2015. Please contact Mundesley Medical Centre before 10am to book an appointment.



Please tell the dispenser or clinician if you are (or think you maybe) pregnant.

Your medication needs to be reviewed

Improved Access

More primary care appointments evenings and weekends.


What Services?

Telephone Consultations:Speak to a GP during  the morning before clinics start.                                                                                                     


Primary Care Hubs: Evening and Weekend appointments in North Norfolk at our local hubs.